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seagull on oak

Unique designs made from beautiful glass.

Available via selected retailers, pre-booked design events & through Swanwick Studio’s online shop.


The small glass sun-catchers are made using the traditional Tiffany method of copper foiling. These make lovely windowsill ornaments.

Some are designed with oak & sandstone plinths, some are designed with wreaths & hearts, whist others are purely pendants, designed to capture the sun’s natural light.

All are designed to be packaged & gift wrapped appropriately, ensuring items received as a stunning gift also arrive undamaged. Thought & care has gone into problem solving this issue when posting & selling glass items.

Glass pictures

These are unique & one-off designs.

Often using glass offcuts from larger commissions determines the picture that is then created.

For example, these two pictures originated from a green offcut with a beautiful curve, reminding me of rolling hills. Splitting this in two & combined with aesthetically pleasing fused glass overlays, mounted in frames with a whispy blue skyline made these two unique & 3 dimensional glass pictures.

Glass Panels


Glass panels are made using a combination of  the traditional leading process & copper foiling. These are designed solely by Rachel Russell who owns the copyright on all designs.

Larger panels are ideal for internal door panels & fan lights & involve Rachel liaising with you, interpreting your ideas & specifications. A stunning & personal addition to any home or business.

Call Rachel on: 0792 9525 012 or email info@swanwickstudio.co.uk if you would like to discuss things further. 


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