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Swanwick Studio

handmade stained glass

07/10/17 woodland wreath workshop

A stained glass workshop day for beginners/intermediate working on a woodland/festive theme. On the day you will learn the process used by 'Tiffany' - from glass cutting & copper foiling to soldering. Following demonstrations on each process you can follow a pattern or design your own to create a unique woodland wreath! Each student will be supplied with an 8” wicker wreath at the beginning of the day. Then making your own leaves & berries + a small woodland animal you can then decorate at the end of the day - the creation is yours! Come & have a fun & relaxing day. All materials & use of tools included in the price, however if you choose to supply your own wreath then please let me know & a small reduction in price shall be adjusted. They'll be a constant supply of hot & cold drinks & biscuits but please bring your own lunch. A fabulous creative day for everyone, come with a friend or make some new. Beautiful creations made from beautiful glass.

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