creative glass for schools

As a visiting school artist I run from initial brief to project fulfilment, I organise & run creative glass & mixed media workshops within Hampshire schools.

working with the Hampshire cultural trust        working with horizon 20-20 project       working with the Paul hamlyn foundation

Trained to deliver Bronze & silver ‘Arts Award’ programmes, I assist students to design & manufacture workable glass creations resulting in lasting unique & bespoke glass installations.

I run my project programmes according to abilities & budgets & liaise with staff to fulfil all expectations.

Please email if you have any queries

glass projects for schools

Internal decorative panels 

Projects can follow a set brief or grow organically with student participation.

For the wheel & panel project below I worked with 120 school students to produce these fantastic outdoor decorations.

4 year groups, 30 students per year, each set of 30 children split into 4 groups, each group working on their own panel or wheel.


This ‘Really Wild’ project was a nation wide initiative, encouraging children to show a better future for the natural world. Two schools in the New Forest participated with The New Forest Heritage Centre to produce this mixed media mosaic in response to their existing New Forest tapestry hung upstairs in the education centre.


This ‘tree of life’ project (pictured below) was to involve 94 year 5 & 6 students.

Each student cut their own autumn leaf which then was soldered on site to create this wonderful autumnal tree installation.

autumnal tree of life

This recent project, pictured below, was to celebrate the completion of  a school group ‘beehive’ project for Wildern School.

This was a two day workshop.

This recent project, pictured below, looked at colour palettes & patterns.

Students from a pupil referral unit made their own stained glass using paints & frit & colour matched into beautiful garden panels.

This was a five day project.

– a Horizon 20:20 project in response to ~The BP Portrait Award

Displayed in the Winchester Discovery Centre.

Students were asked to create their own glass tiles, using visuals unique to themselves.

We then strung these up to form their own portrait response.

Students start by learning about glass health & safety.

We then go through to project expectations from plan & pattern making through to glass cutting & setting within lead.

We research cultural decorating techniques and can incorporate these ideas into glass decorating.

The students can be involved in the construction of a wooden jig and can learn to stretch lead, sharpen tools and solder glass in place depending on class structure & school permissions.

Project preparation, teamwork & planning have all been achieved within these group projects.

Students take real ownership of their work.

Should you be involved with the ‘Arts Award’ (or other), I can incorporate these criteria within programmes to suit.

Mixed media workshops for primary years are also available (please scroll down).

internal atrium window panels

A Tate Modern internationally recognised project

‘Artist Rooms’ – A response to Agnes Martin

exhibition was held in early 2018 in The Winchester Discovery Centre

Students learnt how to cut stained glass to a uniform set size

masking areas off then decorating using culturally inspired methods

mark making, marbling, African inspiration, Aboriginal story telling

in total the students, visitors & staff created 162 glass tiles

suspended in a colour stripe palette used by Agnes Martin

A ‘cultural’ visit by students to see their work displayed in an actual public gallery is an inspiring part of their learning

A pre-site visit enables us to discuss the best installation for your space. Working with set project briefs result in stunning & a vibrant mix of projects.

The 100 Thank Yous project

This project commemorates the centenary of the end of World War One, pictured below, especially the role that the Gurkhas played & is displayed in The Aldershot military museum

Other times the school chooses less complex projects.

Always, the results are the same – fabulous glass installations enjoy year after year

Glass panel & window projects for schools

Students learn how to design a glass panel, working within set parameters to consider display & installation constraints, dimensions & the weight of glass.

Incorporating design briefs into workable design patterns through to panel manufacture. I teach the traditional method of stained glass construction, incorporating glass safety alongside glass & lead cutting. Students work together as a team & gain confidence through art development.

External glass  projects for schools

Pupils are encouraged to design their own ‘workable’ patterns from simple colour choices to structural understandings.

Using the traditional method of stained glass construction fabulous garden displays can be created.

Students really enjoy the whole process from concept to installation.

Mixed media primary school projects

Pupils are encouraged to experiment with painting techniques experimenting with mark making with different tools whilst working within a set template.

Colour mixing experiments on a large & messy scale.

Designs are originally created in-house by myself, following a short meeting to ascertain the school’s concept brief. I try to include as many ideas into a workable project. Once design ideas have been approved, we then progress to a workable timescale, determined by the number of students to be involved.

For example I can work with all year groups within a school. By splitting classes into smaller groups for set times. ie a year group of 90 children, split into 3 classes, can be split into groups of 6 working on the project for 20 mins each. This method ensures your whole school can be involved if you wish.

‘Arts week’ is a great way to introduce workable projects.

plain wooden sheds & walls can be turned into magical & colourful kingdoms